The Wizard of Oz

Expect clowning, chaos and mischief in this three-man strolling street performance: a contemporary re-telling of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz. Originally produced by Freckled Mischief in collaboration with Derby Festé. Freckled Mischief gratefully acknowledges investment from the Enterprise Projects Group, Loughborough University and HEIF.



The Wizard of Oz

The Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion are in great jeopardy. The Wizard of Oz has banished them from Oz… until they have learned how to be lead their people without catastrophes. Right now they are lost, confused and desperately need your advice. Unfortunately, they are easily distracted. So learning how to be a great leader – one that uses heart and brains and courage is an uphill task. Only you can help them get back home.

Expect clowning, chaos and mischief in this three-man strolling street performance: a contemporary re-telling of Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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All photographs by Kev Ryan


Ben Adwick: Scarecrow
Ben trained at the University of Chester in Drama and Theatre Studies and has worked in the theatre since. He is a founding member of Lost Boys Productions and has performed within a range of theatrical, event based and street theatre performances. He is an associate actor of 1623 Theatre company who perform Shakespeare in non-traditional theatre spaces. Ben also had a number of roles in BBC Radio 2’s production of War Horse.

Antoinette Burchill: Lion
Antoinette gets out of bed in the morning with the intent to cause mischief. She has been a professional artist, writer and performer for over twenty years. Since 2011 she has focused on devising and touring street performance. From 2011 to 2013 Antoinette was co-artistic director of The Delegates, and co-produced and performed in three shows that each toured to street arts festivals in the UK including Mintfest, Devizes International Street Festival, Derby Festé, Bedlam Fair, Widcombe Rising, Masquepony and on the Lakes Alive Banquet Tour.

Paul Broesmith: Tinman
Paul is a professionally trained actor, having studied at Bretton Hall and Birmingham School of Acting. Paul has extensive performance experience in street theatre, outdoor performance, theatre and film. Paul has performed all over the UK including; Mintfest, Feste, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and theatres across the country. He is also a screen and stage combatant and this work has seen him perform in film and TV including BBC hit drama ‘Peaky Blinders’.


Holly Stoppit: Artistic Director
Kitty Winter: Movement Director
Tim Heywood: Costume Designer


The Wizard of Oz

Derby Festé 25-26 September 2015

Guerrilla performances in Hackney, Hackney Wick and Maze Hill, London, August 2015.

The 9th International Conference in Critical Management Studies, University of Leicester, 8 July 2015.


The Freckled Mission

Freckled Mischief is not just street theatre that plays in the sunshine. Freckled Mischief believes in participation: participation that is rowdy, unpredictable and trusts in the imagination of the participants.

The Origin of Freckled Mischief

Antoinette Burchill gets out of bed in the morning with the intent to cause mischief. She founded Freckled Mischief street theatre company in 2015. She began making mischief aged 8, and developed her unique style of mischief whilst a Fine Art student at the University of Derby. Antoinette has been a professional artist, writer and performer for over twenty years, and since 2011 has focused on devising and touring street performance.

After a season of weekends of performing, watching and participating in street performances, her freckles prove she’s spent a great deal of time playing, laughing and being inspired in the sunshine.

You can connect with Antoinette via Axisweb, MisAchievement and LinkedIn.




Stephen Munn, CEO & Artistic Director Déda; Derby Festé Executive Group
The Wizard of Oz by Freckled Mischief was one of two Derby Festé Commissions selected for the 2015 Festival. The work was performed on the streets of Derby City Centre in late September to large crowds who delighted in the playful interaction of the three larger than life characters. Tinman, Cowardly Lion and Scarecrow had children howling with laughter whilst adults were left pondering a slightly deeper message.

Adam Buss, Chief Executive, Quad; Derby Festé Executive Group
Freckled Mischief delivered the newly commissioned ‘Oz’ project at Derby Festé in 2015. The free-moving, freewheeling character-driven performance gave audiences the chance to explore themes of leadership and community through familiar characters in often-hilarious situations. The Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion delighted young and old as they roamed the streets creating laughter and intrigue.

Audience member
The performers developed a speedy rapport with children, parents and other shoppers. They quickly gathered a large crowd with the roar-off, and Mexican wave roaring. Such a fun afternoon, I even got a hug from Tinman.

Audience member
It’s not often that you get collared in the street and asked to compete for who can give the best roar! I was there with my whole family and we were instantly involved in the silliest game. We were all put in two lines, about five people in each and we took turns helping the different characters. Many more of us joined in that I thought we would. I liked the Lion’s yellow power suit. My kids liked the shiny and friendly Tinman and the Scarecrow who was encouraging them. It was lots of fun, included all ages instantly and felt we were part of something special for a brief moment before the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow said profuse thanks and wandered merrily on their way leaving us feeling warm and slightly transported.

Audience member
My children were fascinated and wanted to join in their games.

Audience member
Turning the corner at in Derby during Festé always brings surprises, but to see a revamped version of characters from the fabled Oz was a delight, the interaction with these colourful characters really engaged my whole family as we realised the Lion, Tinman and Scarecrow were lost and trying to find their way home. Of course they wanted to learn about our world and that really provoked thoughts in us during coffee afterwards about what our world truly is. A great experience.

Audience member
Very surprising and entertaining.