Prize winning design for The Wizard of Oz

Back in April, we set up a graphic design competition for students at Loughborough University. The challenge was to design a logo for Freckled Mischief’s version of The Wizard of Oz.

Our Oz needed to differentiate itself from the Judy Garland film, from Wicked and other contemporary iterations of the Baum’s original story. The Freckled Mischief show is full of mischievous humour, political satire and cheeky skulduggery. Whilst simultaneously being a fun-packed family-friendly performance. The logo must hint at both the adult humour, and communicate the family-orientated nature of the performance.

Wizard of Oz. Designed by Jessica Hancock
Wizard of Oz. Designed by Jessica Hancock

We had a cracking response from Loughborough’s students, but one design really impressed us. Fresh, inventive and sophisticatedly crooked… Jessica Hancock’s design won the prize.

Jess has just finished her Art & Design Foundation year at Loughborough University, and will join their Visual Communication degree programme in September 2015. She describes herself as self-taught, her skill, talent and flair for colour and composition is evident in her drawings.

Jessica Hancock is one to watch.

Not only do we whole-heartedly recommend her, she’s already working on another design project for us. As a company committed to collaborating with exciting and dynamic professionals, this is a great working relationship.

Freckled Mischief thanks…
The design prize is financially supported by Loughborough University’s Enterprise Projects Group and HEIF (Higher Education Innovation Funding).