Introducing Tinman #backstory #Oz #adapted

My name is Nick Chopper, my friends call me the Tinman.

I am originally from Munchkinland but now rule as the Emperor of the Winkies. I have made good by working hard all of my life, I used to chop down trees in the forests of Oz has my father did before me and his father before him. I am a skilled labourer who with the right tools can turn my hands to building most things and I never tire of building. This has helped me overcome obstacles in my path, I have suffered loss and heartbreak but my strong work ethic and compassion for fellow man and creatures alike have ensured that I now try to lead with love.

I no longer have an axe to grind, despite wrong doings done onto me by others, I seek not revenge, but to build a land where that kind of wrongdoing could never happen again. A very powerful person, (The Wicked Witch of the East) drunk on her own self-importance and greed, took the most important thing in my life from me. It hurt and I suffered a great deal. She cast a spell upon my axe after being bribed by another. Every time I went to speak to my loved one the axe chopped off a limb, this did not deter me, because I was so in love, eventually I was left with nothing. So I had to start again and with the help of a good hard working man, I was reborn into the man you see before you.

I would not want anyone else to suffer like that again, I would not want any person to have such power that would only use if for selfish purposes, be that financial gain or otherwise. Everybody should be happy, and nobody should be alone.

I have been fortunate despite my earlier misfortunes to travel my lands well and meet many interesting people of different types. I have worked well with new comrades because of my industrious attitudes and skills and care for those around me. You cannot put a price on those attributes.

I travelled all the way to the Emerald City with strangers to see the Great leader Oz, only to find that power he had garnered was under false pretences, that people simply wandered about aimlessly and ignorant of that fact. I treat my fellow man the way I want to be treated; fairly and honestly and I am willing to work alongside him to make the world a better place, so long as he works with me.

All we need to work together are the projects to work on, the chance to build skills required and a fair share of sustenance to keep us energised and ticking. I myself can become stiff and achey when working hard, I need nothing more comradeship and lubrication to keep me going. You could be my comrades, we could work forests together, build factories, manufacture what the world needs. The greedy oil companies can ease my joints helping me to do this, if they were involved for the greater good rather than lining their own pockets.

Together we can build a better world.

It takes more than logic alone to run a nation, it takes heart, because not only do you need to under your people, your fellow countrymen, you need to sympathise, empathise and ultimately you need to care, to be a compassionate leader, Brains alone cannot provide that.

Whilst courage will guide you to convictions, those convictions may be ill-conceived without the balance of love and care.