The Freckled Mission

Freckled Mischief is not just street theatre that plays in the sunshine. Freckled Mischief believes in participation: participation that is rowdy, unpredictable and trusts in the imagination of the participants.

The Origin of Freckled Mischief

Antoinette Burchill gets out of bed in the morning with the intent to cause mischief. She founded Freckled Mischief street theatre company in 2015. She began making mischief aged 8, and developed her unique style of mischief whilst a Fine Art student at the University of Derby. Antoinette has been a professional artist, writer and performer for over twenty years, and since 2011 has focused on devising and touring street performance.

After a season of weekends of performing, watching and participating in street performances, her freckles prove she’s spent a great deal of time playing, laughing and being inspired in the sunshine.

You can connect with Antoinette via Axisweb, MisAchievement and LinkedIn.



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